This past weekend, I went to the Renegade Craft Fair and got totally inspired to try planting my succulents terrarium style with decorative pebbles, sand, and moss. Idea/inspiration credit goes completely to Terrarium Shop by Urban Anonymous. Check back soon for my Renegade round up to see what else I loved.


-A vessel (here I gathered a tuna can, pesto jar, and mini bottle)
-Decorative sand
-Tiny plastic animals (optional)
-Preserved and dyed reindeer moss
-Dyed pebbles (like for a fish tank, I bought a pack and separated the colors)
-Paint brush
-Succulent (for a potentially kill-able terrarium, I lumped together two D.I.Y.’s)




TIP: Use the paint brush to push in moss, position mini animals and pebbles, and brush sand off the insides of bottles.

Another D.I.Y. with all the materials posted above coming soon!

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