What are you?
A human.

No, seriously.
Seriously.  This question is problematic because my race/heritage is ultimately none of your business, and questions like that (which I’ve heard my whole life) are dehumanizing.  It has an implication of being “exotic” or “other,” which brings with it a history of colonial imperialism, exotification, and orientalism.  (YEAH, THIS MIGHT BE “THAT KIND OF BLOG.”)  For the well intentioned, I’m half Taiwanese, half Midwestern redheaded WASP.

How tall are you?

Are those glasses “real?”
Yes.  And they are prescription.  Very strong for my very bad eyes.  I get basically all my glasses now online at  Zenni Optical.

What did you go to school for?
I went in undeclared and came out with a studio art degree.  I focused in conceptual art: performance, found object, soft sculpture.  I wanted to learn how to make and do everything.  I still do.  And no, I will not draw you/paint a mural/sculpt you something for free.

Face Painting

Where did you learn to face paint?
By working at Universal Studios, Hollywood.

What kind of paints do you use?
Kryolan Aquacolor and Mehron.

Do you do parties?
Yes! If you’re in the LA area (or willing to pay for travel), contact me here.

The Cats

Hurricane and BeyBey
They are litter sisters and the worst.  Hurricane is the needy, anxious, slightly smaller gray tabby.  BeyBey is the alpha, slightly larger white and gray tabby.  Their #1 hobbies include: lounging provocatively, whining when they want to be fed, running as fast as they can early in the morning, walking all over you in your sleep, and wrestling.  Hurricane likes to lick her sister’s butt and BeyBey loves stinky feet.  BeyBey also likes to push open the bathroom door and watch you use the toilet.

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