This past weekend, I went to the Renegade Craft Fair and got totally inspired to try planting my succulents terrarium style with decorative pebbles, sand, and moss. Idea/inspiration credit goes completely to Terrarium Shop by Urban Anonymous. Check back soon for my Renegade round up to see what else I loved.


-A vessel (here I gathered a tuna can, pesto jar, and mini bottle)
-Decorative sand
-Tiny plastic animals (optional)
-Preserved and dyed reindeer moss
-Dyed pebbles (like for a fish tank, I bought a pack and separated the colors)
-Paint brush
-Succulent (for a potentially kill-able terrarium, I lumped together two D.I.Y.’s)




TIP: Use the paint brush to push in moss, position mini animals and pebbles, and brush sand off the insides of bottles.

Another D.I.Y. with all the materials posted above coming soon!


I started this post almost two months ago (yikes) but never edited the photos. But then it turns out that I didn’t even take that many photos. And they were mostly blurry.


In my mind, I want to have a green thumb. I feel like I could be a person who’s good with plants (despite killing two air plants). While trying to beat a funk I’m in, I stayed up til 3am organizing and planting/replanting close to 30 succulents/succulent sprouts. I really hope they make it. I picked up broken/fallen off leaves from the plants on my deck, and they had already sprouted. This is maybe the one time procrastination turned into something wonderful.



Like I said, in May (when I started this post and planted the baby succulents) I was feeling pretty bummed. Caught between wanting to sleep forever and not wanting to sleep. Staying up all night but not having the drive, or even desire, to do anything. Just a quiet, nagging sense of dread and dissatisfaction with the direction of my life. So that night, two months ago, I really, really wanted these plants to grow. And very slowly, they have. A couple shriveled up, but the majority have made it. I’m sure there’s a sign or metaphor in there if you’re the kind of person who looks for that. I’m just happy I’ve got a mini garden going.



This is a fun craft I came up with a little over a year ago, but as you might guess, it takes me a while to document and publish things. I originally put this D.I.Y. together for LA CANVAS, but they dropped the ball on posting it, and now it’s not as seasonally relevant. But in LA, it always feels like a good time for a fiesta, so here’s a fast and easy way to make super cute and festive mini piñatas. Here’s the original D.I.Y., out-of-date as it is. Try different colors to match different themes, or try making them into owls, ewoks (yes we did!), or any other little thing shaped like a tube.

– – –


Cinco de Mayo is almost here. By now, you should have a fiesta to attend. If you don’t, here’s a quick mini piñata for your party-for-one (or you could make a handful to bring to a party). I know it seems like a lot of steps, but they come together quickly, the materials are cheap/easy to come by, and they’re muy preciosa. Try out different color combinations, or try turning it into an owl (bring back 2008!) by using bigger googly eyes, a beak, and wings.


-toilet paper tubes
-googly eyes
-crepe paper (it’s cheap, textured, and glues like a dream)


1. Push down one end of your toilet paper tube to form the head of the cat.


2. Fill it!


3. Make little tails by twisting a couple inches of crepe paper, keeping one end flat to tape to what will be the “back” of your cat. The tail will go across the entire bottom opening so it can be used to tear open the piñata later.



4. Take another piece of crepe paper and tape it across the bottom to seal it.


5. Fold a strip (long enough to circle the tube) in half long ways and trim a fringe along the edge with two free ends of paper (not the folded side). This ensures the fringe won’t be too thin/sparse. Run a thin bead of glue along the top folded edge (a little goes a long way), and wrap the fringe strip around the tube. Make sure to line up the bottom of the fringe with the bottom of the tube to cover up where you sealed the bottom.




6. Before you work your way to the top with fringe, take two approximately 3-4 inch long strips of crepe paper and run glue along the perimeter. Then fold each strip over the top of the tube (the “head”) while making sure the crepe paper meets on the side.




7. Continue adding fringe strips all the way up to almost the top. Be sure to layer the strips slightly.


8. Your kitty is almost done! Glue on eyes (if you want/have them) and draw in the rest of the face.



9. Tear open. Enjoy!finalb