I started this post almost two months ago (yikes) but never edited the photos. But then it turns out that I didn’t even take that many photos. And they were mostly blurry.


In my mind, I want to have a green thumb. I feel like I could be a person who’s good with plants (despite killing two air plants). While trying to beat a funk I’m in, I stayed up til 3am organizing and planting/replanting close to 30 succulents/succulent sprouts. I really hope they make it. I picked up broken/fallen off leaves from the plants on my deck, and they had already sprouted. This is maybe the one time procrastination turned into something wonderful.



Like I said, in May (when I started this post and planted the baby succulents) I was feeling pretty bummed. Caught between wanting to sleep forever and not wanting to sleep. Staying up all night but not having the drive, or even desire, to do anything. Just a quiet, nagging sense of dread and dissatisfaction with the direction of my life. So that night, two months ago, I really, really wanted these plants to grow. And very slowly, they have. A couple shriveled up, but the majority have made it. I’m sure there’s a sign or metaphor in there if you’re the kind of person who looks for that. I’m just happy I’ve got a mini garden going.